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Kiss My Pans was started because of my love of cooking and hosting. No party is a good party without great food!

With a keen eye for aesthetics and discerning palate for good food, I started putting together beautiful and appetizing cheese boards filled to the brim with gastronomical delights. As my parties grew bigger, so did my platters and they quickly expanded to cheese grazing tables where the idea is to hang around the centrepiece all throughout an event and enjoy the seemingly endless spread of delicious, fresh and wholesome cheese, charcuterie, fruit, veggies, homemade dips, fresh bread and gourmet crackers.


I love to cook and eat. And I realized others also love to eat but many can't cook so when I'm not spending time on putting together works of cheese art, I open up my eclectic-themed home, currently in Singapore, to dining experiences especially during the hols or special occasions. The concept is simple - you come with your families and friends and just dine on wholesome, delicious food. No grocery shopping, no prepping, no cleaning up after - I cook and you eat, it's that simple! Great for those festive seasons when no one wants to cook but everyone needs to eat so please keep a look out for our festive menus!

Then there are those starting new families and have no idea how to meal-plan or cook nutritious meals for their loved ones. They think they can just get domestic helpers and voila, healthy and delicious home-cooked food will magically appear on the dining table! However, most domestic helpers are foreign with different taste buds and may not have the right culinary training to produce food familiar to you and your family. Employers also struggle to find time and knowledge in order to train them in meal-planning and cooking.

I offer cooking classes to these individuals:

  • home owners who are looking to step into the kitchen for the very first time

  • people who know nothing about cooking and have domestic helpers who also know nothing about cooking but who have unrealistic expectations of them whipping up gourmet, healthy meals for their families, especially little ones (Let's work on empowering these helpers, shall we? How does your boss expect you to be an Excel superstar if he doesn't send you to an excel course?)

Come and learn how to whip up delicious, healthy meals or send your domestic helpers to master some local comfort food so that your family can enjoy them too. 

I also do small, unique and customized catering for smaller events.

*Please note that payment to classes and dining experiences are via PayLah or PayNow – 94564852 or POSB Savings 403363324.

Thanksgiving Dinner