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What the fork, foodie? That was my first thought when I started this little baby.  My name is Jeanne and I had been a Marketing professional for the last 13 years and when my last project at a dating company in Singapore ended, I struggled internally and some days physically, about going back to the rat race. 

I've always been a foodie and loved cooking, hosting, experimenting with new recipes, international flavours and exotic spices. I eat and cook whole and organic foods whenever I can but crave the occasional gourmet burger, none of that fast food crap.  My focus has always been on healthier options. People have a misconception that "healthier" means tasteless and bland but I love healthy food that is also tasty and full of flavours! I make Peruvian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, Singaporean, Malay, Chinese, and fusion food.

I cook mostly for my husband, David, who's a fitness buff and a health nut who acts as my willing guinea pig. We are both super adventurous when it comes to trying new cuisines and flavours. He eats anything and everything and is the most Asian non-Asian I've ever known. He devours durians, craves congee on a rainy day and chews through the bark and roots of Chinese chicken herbal soups. I also cook for families when they're in town as well as host friends. Nothing beats a cozy meal at home or a wine and cheese party. 


I host so many parties that people were telling me I should open up my home to others too. My home is a very special place indeed, filled with bits and bobs and furniture I painstakingly refurbish myself. I love picking up curios and knick knacks on my travels and just being buried deep in flea markets and garage sales. People walk into our apartment and are amazed by our junk...I mean eclectic collection.

Some random things about me:

- I have a big heart and love hugs 

- I'm a feminist and believe in standing up to what is wrong 

- I can take -30 degrees but not 30 degrees. Some Singaporeans affectionately name me 'polar bear' because I tend to hog the air-conditioning remote control

- I love dogs and sometimes dogsit for strangers. 

- I love colour on my lips


- I'm a proud collector of over 200 pairs of some very dramatic earrings!

So there you have it! I'm a colourful character who loves life and loves food, and hopes to share that love with everyone who comes in through my doors.


Whatcha waiting for, let's get forking cookin' and eatin'!

At the Dinner Table